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May 2009
Bonea, Italy
Seieffe Industrie commissions Xpresstranslations.com for the Italian-German translation of Web content for its OKITE brand: www.okite.com.
Seieffe is a company in the construction sector that exports its know-how across the world.

April 2009
Gaspé, Canada
Azentic chooses Xpresstranslations.com for the German, Spanish, and Italian translation of the Percé website (www.rocherperce.com).
Azentic is the leading professional marketing and communication service agency on the Gaspé Peninsula. With an already existing French/English bilingual site, the City of Percé acquires a tool that will unquestionably contribute to the development of international tourism of this town, considered the tourist capital of the Gaspé Peninsula. To visit the Azentic site:

March 2009
Paris, France
Phitem Développement entrusts Xpresstranslations.com with the French-English translation of a business proposal. Phitem specializes in financial, legal, and tax consultancy for SMEs.

February 2009
Montreal, Canada
Vidéo MTL appoints Xpresstranslations.com to translate periodic updates of its Internet site from English to French and French to English. Vidéo MTL specializes in film equipment and accessory rental.

January 2009
Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada
a cd f * appoints Xpresstranslations.com to carry out the French-Vietnamese translation of a brochure. a cd f * is an engineering firm in architecture, urban planning and interior design.

December 2008
Gallo d'Alba, Italy / Laval, Canada
The Mondo Group entrusts Xpresstranslations.com with the translation from Italian to French of its corporate book commemorating 75 years of experience in the world of rubber flooring. The Mondo Group is a multinational company with operations in Italy, Canada, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Sweden, and China, and specializes in a vast range of products, including surfacing for sports tracks. Among other projects, it surfaced the Beijing National Stadium, the "Bird’s Nest", for the 2008 Olympic Games. This translation project was handled through Mondo’s Canadian subsidiary, Mondo America, based in Laval.

September 2008
Montreal, Canada
SNC-Lavalin puts its trust in Xpresstranslations.com with the English-French translation of an environmental survey conducted as part of a large-scale mining project in Mauritania. SNC-Lavalin is one of the world’s biggest engineering companies, active in the oil, construction, metalworking, hydroelectric, mining, aerospace, defence, nuclear, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications sectors.

August 2008
Le Pradet, France
Medical Distribution entrusted to Xpresstranslations.com the job of spelling and stylistic editing for a scientific research report in English in the area of psychiatric medicine. Medical Distribution is a company that distributes medical equipment online, based in the Var region.

July 2008
Lyon, France
The Vatel Institute chooses Xpresstranslations.com to translate from French to English updates of its website contents. Vatel is an international management school for the hotel and tourist business, operating in 18 countries spread across four continents.

June 2008
Kyoto, Japan
Professor Gakuto Takamura, a researcher at the University of Ritsumeikan’s Institute of Social Sciences, gave Xpresstranslations.com the job of proofreading a French-language scientific article in the area of political science for style and spelling. The University of Ritsumeikan is a private university founded in 1869.

May 2008
Paris, France
Ferragamo France appoints Xpresstranslations.com for the translation of a contract from French to English. Ferragamo France is a subsidiary of the famous Italian designer, Salvatore Ferragamo, known across the world for his creations of clothes, perfumes, and fashion accessories.

April 2008
Montreal, Canada
The University of Montreal Hospital Centre (Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal - CHUM) entrusted to Xpresstranslations.com the translation of medical study procedures from English to Hungarian and Polish. CHUM is considered to be one of the most important university hospital centres in North America.

February 2008
Vesenaz, Switzerland
Elite Grafx put their confidence in Xpresstranslations.com when they asked us to translate the site of the highly exclusive Gclub in Geneva from French into English: www.gclub.ch
Elite Grafx is a company that designs Web sites and Internet solutions.

March 2008
Shelby Township, United States
Lutz Roofing places its confidence in Xpresstranslations.com to translate its health and safety regulations from English into Mexican Spanish for its Spanish-speaking employees. Lutz Roofing is a Michigan-based company specializing in commercial and industrial roofing.

September 2007
Welcome to our new website in Italian!
We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of sites: Traduzionexpress.com. After lengthy deliberation over the choice of a new language, and the development of a new web market, we have finally settled on Italian. We would extend a warm welcome to all our Italian-speaking visitors and customers. Viva Italia!

August 2007
Geneva, Switzerland
UCB Switzerland chooses Xpresstranslations.com for the French-to-German translation of legal and banking directives. UCB, whose parent company in France has been active for over a half century, is a banking institution specializing in real estate financing.

May 2007
Uturoa, French Polynesia
Tahiti Vanille entrusts Xpresstranslations.com with the English translation of its French website. This Tahiti-based company specializes in the production and export of vanilla. The exceptionally high quality of its products earned it the gold medal in the 2007 General Agricultural Contest in Paris. And Tahiti Vanilla again opted for quality when it came to equipping itself with a new web-based, English-language communication tool, reflecting its positioning, and guaranteeing it the best chances for success in the capture of new export markets.

January 2007
Paris, France
The Hotel des Tuileries chooses Xpresstranslations.com to translate its website into Chinese and Japanese. This is in fact a project extension, as the Hotel has already entrusted Xpresstranslations.com with the translation of its site into German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese a few months earlier. Already equipped with a bilingual French and English website, this Parisian hotel situated at the heart of the French capital can now provide an optimal response to meet the demands of its prestigious international clientele.

September 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Cabinet Schell chose Xpresstranslations.com to translate a press release into English. This consultancy firm, based in the centre of the European Union’s capital, specialises in strategies with respect to public affairs, parliamentary monitoring and influential communication.

July 2006
Paris, France
Action Multimédia chose Xpresstranslations.com to translate its Internet site Cité Gay, into German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. With these latest additions to the project, initially displayed in three languages, Cité Gay has become the first European online dating portal for the gay community.

June 2006
Penthaz, Switzerland
TCI Engineering SA chose Xpresstranslations.com to translate its technical documentation into English. The business, which specialises in industrial robotics and designing and producing electrical and mechanical units, has thus reinforced its export position.

May 2006
Amos, Canada
Consensus Communication chose Xpresstranslations.com to translate its marketing materials into English. This young company, located in the centre of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, specialises in communication strategies.

April 2006
Paris, France
Mamma Mia chose Xpresstranslations.com to translate updates to its Internet site into English and Spanish. This catering company, which developed a revolutionary concept called “Pasta Cup”, has thus added a new asset to its international development strategy.

December 2005
Ventabren, France
Areion entrusted Xpresstranslations.com to translate technical articles into English on the subject of defence and new technologies in the weaponry and military equipment sector.

November 2005
Bergen, Norway
StewartDesign has chosen Xpresstranslations.com to translate the English-language site of OnlineAdvokaten into Spanish and Arabic:
This is actually a project extension because StewartDesign had already entrusted the online legal assistance site’s translation into French to Xpresstranslations.com. For the site’s Arabic translation, the project will include, as well as all our proofreading and online proofing options, design in the target language. The site designer, StewartDesign’s own website, can be found at:

May 2005
Xpresstranslations.com has introduced online payment
This month our services have taken a new step in the cyber dimension, particularly regarding ease of ordering, with the introduction of online credit card payment (or bank transfer).

Round the clock, 24/7, this system enables users to have their customized quote approved and their online order confirmed in just a few clicks. The second stage lets you choose whether to proceed to payment online or not, depending on your chosen means of payment. An Express Payment section means you can pay a bill, a down payment, or the balance of your account in just a few seconds. The system is particularly appreciated by our international clients, or in the case of an urgent translation. It enables you to get your translation project off the ground as soon as payment is confirmed –in other words, it is virtually instantaneous.

To guarantee total security for your online transactions and provide the greatest comfort in terms of languages, credit cards and currencies, we have carefully selected three partners, entrusted with the management of our online purchase interface: Klik & Pay (Switzerland & France), 2CO (USA) and Moneybookers (UK). The whole team at Xpresstranslations.com wishes you an enjoyable online ordering experience!

March 2005
Los Angeles, United States
The French-American Employment Office of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles chooses Xpresstranslations.com to translate the Employers Area of its new site. The project will involve online proofreading in English and translation with full proofreading in French and Spanish. Working in tandem with two other units in Miami and Montreal, the FAEO in Los Angeles will thus be able to broaden the scope of its activities in the United States and Canada. Between them, these three employment offices help hundreds of American and Canadian businesses to open their doors to French professionals every year. They also help many French businesses to do the same for young graduates from the leading American and Canadian universities.

May 2004
Welcome to our brand new site!
We have given our Internet site a makeover: its contents have been completely reworked and there are new sections, all easily accessible thanks to a total rethinking of our navigation design. We are sure that you will enjoy navigating our new website and that you will be able to find all the information you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

January 2004
Montreal, Canada
Sighmedia has chosen Xpresstranslations.com for the French translation of the website of Beco Industries, Canada's leading manufacturer and exporter of household textile products, www.becoindustries.com. This is our third Internet site translation project with Sighmedia, the Montreal-based graphic design and e-business solutions provider that has achieved great success with companies from all sectors. Their site is aimed at clients based mainly in the United States and Canada.

January 2004
Quebec City, Canada
They didn't choose Xpresstranslations.com! This could be the headline of an article from Presse Canadienne about a translation gaffe with drastic repercussions: we have reproduced the press release here, since it is a perfect illustration of the risks and consequences involved in the quality of a translation. To consult Canadian Press' portal go to www.thecanadianpress.com

December 2003
Terrebonne, Canada
Innovaplast chooses Xpresstranslations.com to translate its website into English. The project of this Montreal-based company specializing in the transformation of thermoplastics is directed at the American market. It involves proofreading the French contents as well as online translation and proofreading in English. Completion of the project is planned for early 2004. To find out more about Innovaplast, go to:

May 2003
Rodez, France
UPRA Aubrac has chosen Xpresstranslations.com to translate its website into English Spanish, German and Russian. The project involves more than 20,000 target words in four different languages, and it will enable this Aveyron-based association of Aubrac cattle producers to considerably strengthen its presence in numerous markets around the world.
The Association's site at www.race-aubrac.com was designed by the graphic design and multimedia agency Laëtis. To view Laëtis’s own site, go to www.laetis.fr

January 2003
Mexico City, Mexico
Xpresstranslations.com opens an office in Mexico City. Our chosen partner, Sorex S.A. de C.V., is a company specializing in advice and representation for overseas companies. Its founder, Michel Gusting, has been successfully advising and representing multinational companies like Barriquand Stériflow, Actini and CVS in Mexico since 1998 in sectors such as industrial equipment and agribusiness.

His language services run from total communication localization for the whole of Central and South America (commercial and technical brochures, contracts, correspondence) to assisting engineers and company executives in negotiations with their Mexican counterparts. He is a valuable local asset for these companies in the establishment and continued presence of their business in the Mexican and South American markets.

Xpresstranslations.com was looking for a partner in Mexico and could not have found a better match: a successfully established professional with several years' experience, who knows the Mexican market inside out, and someone who is first and foremost a specialist in technical translation, business interpretation and Mexican culture.

September 2002
Xpresstranslations.com gets a new logo
The design of the new logo is of an archer, symbolizing professionalism, precision and specialization: everything a service partner must have to give you the perfect language tools you need. The next symbol is the bow, which we see shooting virtual arrows, or messages, that represent the flow of international communication between different languages, and which leave a multi-colored trail in their wake to form an "e", the symbol of the Internet, e-commerce, and global communication. The colors: blue for communication, red for the sense of urgency an express service must have, and yellow to symbolize enlightenment and creativity.

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